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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Glowy Natural Skin Tutorial

Hello there!

Life is getting a little crazy and to be honest so is my skin. It's looking dry and unhealthy and just a little bit spotty. Most girls would say "grab your foundation tubes and concealer we have a spot to conquer!"
But this is not a good idea. Your skin can still look glowy and healthy without all the tone of crap we tend to put on our face.

Step 1:
Eat and drink healthily. I know everyone says this and you go "yeah yeah like that's ever gonna happen, I love cake!" This may be the case but there are really easy simple steps that you can follow to put more healthy stuff into our bodies. Take a large water bottle with you to (insert wherever you happen to be going) and aim to drink the whole thing by the end of the day and, voila more liquid in your system! It goes the same with eating healthily. This doesn't mean you have to eat salad and fruit for the rest of your life. It just means be more careful when choosing snacks. Another great way of cutting down on fatty foods is not bringing money to (insert place where you may stay all day and have to buy lunch e.g school) and take a healthy packed lunch which can really help prevent unhealthy eating.

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Skin Energising Facial Scrub £3.99
*I don't have bad fake tan the lighting is just a bit off         
Step 2:
Wash your face. I have never or will never be one of those people who uses 8 billion products on there skin every morning. Right now I see no need for toners, cleansers, scrubs, eye creams, oils, serums and lotions to be used all on my face in one morning. I use the  (that's a name and a half) and it does a really good job of brightening and refreshing my skin. Having bright skin immediately makes it look healthy and this wash really does give a healthy glowy natural look to the skin.

Gorgeous Moisturiser 45g £42.50 (this is the tester size)
Step 3:
Moisturise. I use  the Gorgeous moisturiser from LUSH. This is bloomin expensive but I got this little sample size in a gift box and I am extremely sad that I will probably never be rich enough to buy it again. This moisturiser immediately brightens the skin and is a real miracle worker. I use this as primer and foundation effectively. It makes my skin look so good I've completely lost the use for foundation which in order makes my skin look amazing because I'm not shoving a hole load of chemicals onto my face. This moisturiser has pineapple, lemon and orange juice to add radiance and primrose oil to sooth and moisturise. This stuff is amazing. However if like me this is ridiculously out of your price range then the trusty E45 moisturising cream is great if a little oilier.

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Set £23.99                                            L'Oreal True Match Concealer £6.45

Step 4:
Concealer. I only apply concealer under my eyes now. This really helps to brighten my complection and appear less tired then I actually am. I used to never apply concealer anywhere on my face especially under my eyes because my face just doesn't seem to like it but then I met a little gem called the Loreal True Match Concealer. It is bloomin amazing. I use the lightest shade under my eyes which is Vanilla. It is probably half a shade lighter then my natural face colour and I love it. I apply this under the eyes with a Real Techniques Duo Fiber Contour Brush which applies it amazingly natural. I would definitely recommend both these products.
Natural Collection Blush Peach Melba £1.99

Step 5:
A little blush. Using a light blush can really illuminate the skin and give it a little more colour. Obviously if you have rosy cheeks already there is no need for blush. But if like me your a bit colourless in the face department then a light dusting of peachy, rosy toned blush can really help give your face a lift. I use the Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba and it is gorgeous. A light dusting of this immediately finishes the look. Cream blushes are also great but I find it hard to get the right amount of product on my skin and it can end up looking to much. Less is more in the blush scenario.

With this look I always go for a light gold toned eyeshadow and a lip balm with a green undertone. A light coating of brown mascara and a light coating of powder under my eyes.


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