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Sunday, 17 May 2015

NYC Big Bold Bronzer


We have all heard of the NYC sunny bronzer because humans have evolved from the stage of living under rocks. However have we all heard of the NYC Big Bold Bronzer? No.
This is a powder bronzer and is in my personal opinion better than sunny. What? Why? Well for starters this bronzer is about twice the size of sunny in width and depth. It also has a habit of not breaking. I literally break every single powder formula thing I have because apparently they can't cope with being in a makeup back but this bronzer has stayed strong.
The colour is very natural even though it has shimmer running through it (which you can't see anyways) but I would say it is definitely for the more yellow toned skin types as it has a slightly more orangey pink tone which looks a bit to much on pinker skin.This applies as a powder to cream and looks sheeny but not oily on the skin. However I would say that if your applying this with a denser brush then you may need to blend a bit more as the colour can clump were you originally apply it which is why I use a duo-fiber brush. 

Humphrey xxxxx

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