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What camera do you use to take your photos?
I use the Canon EOS 1200d camera with an EOS 15-85mm lens.

What editing software do you use?
I very rarely edit my photos but if I ever was to I would use PicMonkey (totally free).

How did you create your banner?
I used PicMonkey design tool to create my banner.

Who designed your layout?
I designed my layout myself by tampering with the template settings.

What made you start a blog?
Lots of girls my age had started writing blogs and I wanted to give it a go. I'm the only one who has stuck at it because I love it so much!

Why did you call your blog Humphreys World?
I was always called Humphrey as a child and it has just become my internet name.

You've not got a very popular blog! Why's that?
I put alot of work into my blog. I try really hard to deliver good content but people just aren't reading which I think is a little to do with luck and maybe a little to do with the way I'm writing! I'll just happily wait for the followers to come to me and keep blogging for the very few people who do follow me! I'm quite happy with the whole world not knowing who I am so I'll just blog for me and for you, not for the followers!

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