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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Spring Vision Wishlist

Hello there!

I have to say I am extremely excited for Spring this year. I have a vision of myself at a picnic in the sun wearing the perfect outfit. But first I have to accumulate all of the stuff to achieve my vision. So I thought I would create a wishlist for you.

ASOS Stripy Long Sleeved Top - I have been wanting a long sleeved top like this for a while now; and you may be thinking "that's a pretty standard item of clothing why would you want one of them?" Well I have always loved black and white striped clothing like this and recently I just haven't been buying them. So this Spring I'm going to buy plenty of stripy tops to make up for my slight lacking in that department.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick - Bright Orange-Red - Bring on the next part of my Spring Vision. Bright matte orange lips and stripy tops? Hello! Now I'm not exactly sure whether I can pull off such a bright colour but I'm going to try. This Kat Von D liquid lipstick is super bright and very Spring/Summer appropriate. However it is a little pricey. Any suggestions in the comments about a cheaper option would be much appreciated

TopShop Pelaxed Utility Trousers - Black - These trousers are gorgeous! They are just amazing. The rips in the knees make them cool. The tailored style makes them formal. The big pockets make them boyish and practical. They are just gorgeous! And because there 5/6 length (??????? not 3/4 so what are they then? 5/6) they are going to keep you warm but not to hot.

Desert Boots - I know what your thinking. Desert boots seriously? They are like so last summer! Well I know but I blooming couldn't find a single pair last year that fitted or that I liked. There was a desert boot famine. But I've finally found them. Thats all I'm saying.

H&M hat - You know how Zoe and Gabby are always rocking the floppy hats. Well I kinda like the idea and I've been eyeing up this simple one from H&M for a while now. Although I do have a slight problem. I have a huge head. It never fits in anything. Do you know of any places that sell hats not made for mice?

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