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Saturday, 14 February 2015

TheBarry M Nail Polishes

Hello there!!

Now we all know what a Barry M nail polish is and we have all read about a squibillion reviews on them but..... I'm doing this anyways.

417 Carousel Limited Edition
 This nail polish was given to me quite recently and it is beautiful. The colour itself is a stunning bright coral with gold duo-chrome shimmers. It applies well. It's a 1 coat wonder (whoop whoop) and would look amazing at the pool side in summer.

306 Blueberry Ice-Cream and 308 Berry Ice-Cream
These are some of my favourite nail polishes for spring time as they are really cute pastel colours. These apply really well and you can get away with 1 or 2 coats with these. They also have good stay power and will last for 5-6 days without chipping if you apply them properly. 

These are from the infamous Gelly Hi-Shine collection and are amazing. They stay on the nails for atleast a week without chipping and are a dream to apply. I've had Lychee on my nails for about 2 weeks now and it only started chipping on Thursday. The colour Guava is one of my favourites and looks incredible with a tan.

This Polish is from the Chameleon range. These nail polishes change colour  and you would think they would be awesome..... Uhuh. Not quite. The nail polish chipped after my first day of wearing it and it turns from a gorgeous silvery lilac to just a very ordinary silver. Not quite the amazingness I was expecting.

humphrey xxx

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