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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Too delete or not to delete that is the question!


So, I've been looking at my blog lately and I'm just not loving the layout, or the way things are running. For one all the pictures in my posts before December have dissapeared. I can't get them back which means my blog just looks plain weird. So I'm going through a dilemma. Do I delete the posts? Because my side bar has a most popular posts thing and all I see is triangles with exclamation marks in them I don't think my blog is being seen quite the same way. I feel like if I delete them all the content I worked on for almost a year would be wasted but at the same time I feel like my blog needs a fresh start anyways.

So whilst I figure this out I am going to play around with the layout of my blog and try some different things. So don't be alarmed if you come along and see everything is different.

Humphrey xxxx

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