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Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Best YouTubers you've probably never heard of!!!!!!

Hello humphers!!!

It's nearing the end of October so I thought I would squeeze in just a couple more non beauty blog posts. One of the blog posts I've wanted to do was another favourite blogger post because that one seamed to be a big hit and I thought you really liked it. So I'm going to be doing a favourite YouTuber post. These are all YouTubers who aren't as well known as the people such as Zoella or Pointless Blog and I love them just as much!!!

SarahClose1 - 101,329 subscribers

Sarah is a singer who performs amazing covers and also writes her own songs!!!! They are amazing and she is so relaxing to listen to!!! If you want someone to just be playing in the background as you go about knitting or whatever it is you do all day then you should check her out!!! I'm listening to her as I blog and she's gorgeous!!!!

My Favourite Video!!!

Emma Pickles - 421,964 subscribers

Emma creates amazing looks such as elf's and weird bald things covered in slime. She also does hauls, challenges and she now has a new channel called extra pickles where she vlogs!! I watch her everyday and I definitely have watched all her videos at least 6 times I love them so much!!! She's definitely in my top 3 YouTubers.

Sooo Creepy!!!!

JazzyBumblee - 12,819 subscribers

I subscribed to Jazzy not even a month ago and she had 1,000 and something subscribers and she has grown so much!!! She's so fun to watch and has an essence of Louise from a Sprinkle of Glitter. She does cool videos like minion Halloween costume DIY videos and lots of Primark hauls.She also does lots of back to school uni kind of things that are basically a saving grace!! I kind of wish that shes my sister!!!

I LOVE HER!!!!!!!

MsRosieBea - 82,836 subscribers

I first heard of Rosie when she went on DailyMix Beauty Boot Camp. I instantly fell in love with her super cute very soft and dainty videos. She does everything from makeup hauls to back to school videos. And she is also super cute!!! I love this channel CHECK HER OUT!!!

She's soooo cute!!!

Hannah Renee - 15,364 subscribers

I only discovered Hannah this week and I am obsessed!!!!!! Honestly she isn't like "special " or anything but literally I could watch her all day. She just has this thing about her that makes me want to cry because she's got such a brilliant brain full of ideas. Hannahs' channel is basically surrounded by a beautiful makeup Aura!!!! I love watching her when I'm just in the mood to learn all about eyeliner and blush!!!

Shes Beautiful!!!

Lily Melrose - 146,751 subscribers

Lily is yet another new discovery and I LOVE HER!!! She has very calming yet interesting videos and I could watch her all day. Mainly her channel is just general beauty and fashion stuff and just good for when you have nothing on your subscription list that needs watched. I always pop over to her channel for a wee peek. 

                                                             Beautiful Quaility!! Mm.. Look at that!!

Humphrey xxxxx

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