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Friday, 4 July 2014

Favourite Bloggers

Hello Humphers!

I'm going on holiday! I am going camping somewhere in England for the next 2 weeks. Which means I may not blog as my blogger app on my iPhone is super unreliable! I will however try to upload at least 1 on Monday. They will not have pictures so sorry!! Anyway onto the actual blog.

 Today I will be doing a little blog on my favourite bloggers of the moment. Recently I have really been getting into cuddling up with my laptop and reading through thousands of blogs a week. Blogging is a fun and easy thing to do and it really helps with confidence and I love boosting other peoples followers and liking there posts. Here are a select few that I think are the best when it comes to easy reading, simple language and interesting content. Just a little disclaimer that I am not being paid to do this and I am merely doing this because its a blog I have wanted to do for soooo long (honest)

Beauty is a Wonderland is a blog that is written by Elle. She has reviewed every known thing on the planet! From moisturiser to lipstick to chicken wire, (OK maybe not chicken wire!) I love reading this blog as it really helps you make decisions on products you want to buy. She writes in English and Dutch which is a useful touch. She has an incredible relationship with her readers and she has a great personality!

Many of you will already know about pixiwoo as they are super famous on youtube. The blog is written by Sam and Nic Chapman the sisters of Jim Chapman also of youtube. I am quite new to there blog but it's super easy to navigate. There is a bar of links to different blog posts about certain products and they do the most amazing reviews and tutorials. I would definitely go and check them out for some interesting beauty talk.

Do Not Refreeze is written by Leanne and it is one of my favourite blogs ever!! I love her easy reads and the way she makes reading a blog seem fun! Her blog is a space about all things beauty unlike mine that just wanders from beauty to lifestyle to goodness knows what! Her blog is a great pick me up and I love it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

This blog is more of a snapshot of Becky's life. She takes pictures of trends shes loving, cookies, dogs, lavender, products and really just gives you the low down on general loves, likes and dislikes. Her blogs are quick and snappy but are super good. Her page is designed beautifully and I love to join in the comments as there is always something fun going on.

Miss Holly is an amazing reviewer and all rounder. She has a shop, lots of links to her pages and most importantly great blogs. She has incredible photography and her blogs are super useful for finding products you love. She occasionally has sales where you can buy Mac lipsticks for £9!!! (and other products)

Ok so that's it for this Friday!

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  1. Awww thanks for the mention love - that was super sweet of you! xx

  2. Thanks so much for the mention :-) means a lot! xx